TADIRAN AIROW 3™ Air Purification Device

Measuring just 96mm wide and 26mm deep, the patented TADIRAN AIROW 3™ is discreetly mounted behind the air filters, directly onto the AC unit coil. The product is supplied with everything you need for a speedy installation including, the TADIRAN AIROW 3™ device, power supply, clips for universal mounting, installation manual and safety sticker.

Complete installation kit includes:

TADIRAN AIROW 3™ Device, Power Supply and Connecting Cable, Mounting Clips, full Instructions and a Safety Sticker

The TADIRAN AIROW 3™ provides a simple plug-and-play solution for wall-mounted (mini-split) A/C, VRF ductless split systems, fan coils, and heat pump PTACs. Only qualified and licensed HVAC technicians may install TADIRAN AIROW 3™.

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TADIRAN AIROW 3™ specification

Weight: 100g

Power Consumption: 1W

Dimensions: 96 x 42 x 26mm

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